My Favorite

Something I always wanted to do is capture lightning. Last spring during a tempestuous Missouri thunderstorm I sat outside (under a tree, of all safe places) shooting hundreds of pictures. All of them sucked! I couldn’t capture anything more than a blurry whitish mess. I finally went into the house and googled “how to take pictures of lightning” and came upon a blog with recommended settings. So I set my camera to ISO 100, F11, 1/30. Then I headed back outside. I pressed my button and held as still as possible. My tripod was put away and I was too excited to try the new settings. So I held very, very still. About 25 seconds into the 30 seconds the shutter was open and big ol’ flash of lightning struck! I was SURE I had the shot and it was all I could do to remain holding very still for the final seconds of the shutter being opened.

This is what I got:


I haven’t been able to capture lightning since!


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