Day 22 – Blurry

SOOOOOOO. The concept was challenging. I had better aspirations than my abilities as a photographer would allow. And I think I need to tell the story of the photo. And when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, what they mean to say is that a video is worth a thousand words. So, first. My picture.


I realize that I look like a ghost. I took a LOT of pictures trying to get the right one. This really isn’t the right one, but I couldn’t accomplish the right one. So this is the wrong one that’s going to be right. Are you dizzy yet?

So, the story.

I picked up my best friend from the airport last Wednesday night and we stopped by my daughter’s place before heading home. She has the most amazing view of the downtown area and I could sit there forever just taking in the sites. As we were taking pictures of each other, I thought that I could get my blurry picture. So I slowed the shutter speed WAY down and then walked very slowly across the field of view. At the edge of the field of view I stopped, hoping to get a blurry path on the way in and then me in the corner. It didn’t work. So I tried it again. And again. And again. So many tries. The girls were laughing at me as I walked in a neanderthalish way across the field of view. They’d give suggestions, “Slower.” “Slower.” “Slower.” They were standing by the camera and when the shutter would close and the picture would appear they’d go, “Nope.” So I’d do it again. It was clearly not working the way I’d hoped, and being past my bedtime, plus the girls constant giggling at me perhaps made me a little silly. So instead of just walking slowly one direction, I began dancing (such as it is) back and forth, back and forth and then I’d take a pose and wait for the shutter to close.

The girls were cracking up! So Carrie whipped out her iPhone to video the spectacle! The lengths I don’t go to for this photo challenge!


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