Day 28 – My Sunday

My sending is a bunch of gnarled up old muscles! Mark and his boss are in the process of moving to another building. They’ve spent this past week moving stuff little by little but this weekend was the “official” moving weekend. So this is what my Sunday consisted of:

20130428_100105I am a whole new kind of exhausted! The speakers weigh about 50 pounds each and there were eight of them. The bins right behind the drivers seat weighed close to 75 pounds. The problem with this is that there were a couple washing machines in the way so I had to lift the items up and over the machines because there was only room for me to walk between them…no room for me and bins.

I loaded this van first thing when we got there while Mark was loading the truck. First load of the day. Plus everything we moved yesterday. Yup. This was my Sunday. Sorry you asked?



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