Day 4 – In My Cup

Today is more about what’s ON my cup than what’s IN my cup! I have to say that I love Shutterfly and now that we’re in a digital age where we don’t have to develop rolls of film in order to see what kind of pictures we’ve taken, I rarely print out pictures. There is just something about looking through a stack of 4×6 pictures that warms the cockles of my heart! It’s a nostalgia thing for me that I don’t get the pleasure of very often. So I have to come up with other ways to “print” my pictures. Photo books. Calendars. Ornaments. And MUGS!

While we were on vacation with my family up in the Rocky Mountains I came across this li’l guy and got some pretty amazing shots of him. I took my favorite picture and put it on a mug. I can admire him often.



Surely, you want to see the actual picture of the elk instead of trying to imagine it by looking at what’s “on my cup” so I’m going to humor you.  (self-serving promotions)










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