Day 2 – A Moment

This is going to have to be a different type post. My moment in time right now is totally entrenched in our Spring weather. The whole city has been waiting with baited breath for the Missouri River to crest after we’ve been inundated with rain over the past, well…forever, it seems. It crested this morning and happily, it didn’t crest over the levees as was forecast. I hope the same holds true for the folks in St. Charles, down river from us. In St. Charles the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet up. It’s usually a recipe for disaster during wet Springs like this has been.

I should really mention all those who have been affected by the tornadoes as well. I have a good friend who lives way too close to Moore, OK than I’m comfortable with. All my prayers and good thoughts go out to all those who have been suffering because of the volatile weather we’ve been experiencing in the Midwest.

Instead of showing you one picture (because one picture can’t tell the story of what is happening in my city), I’m going to share my Picasa album instead.

Just so that I have a picture on the home page, I also shot this today. All told, I took 419 pictures today. I have a bit of an obsession.




2 thoughts on “Day 2 – A Moment

  1. The second flower…looks like a clematis? I LOVE those! Keep looking for the big 5″deep purple variety, but no luck so far. Very thoughtful post. Hope your friend stays safe.

    • Yes, it’s a clematis. I bought some for my backyard. Big red ones (or so the picture and description said). All my plants in the backyard are red or have a reddish hue. The Crape Myrtle is red. The leaves on one of the bushes turns red in the autumn. My garden FENCE is red. It’s the theme. So I bought big, red clematis. Four of them. They are purple and white! GRRR. Purple and white belong in the front yard, not the back yard. SO. I have big purple clematis.:)

      I hope you guys are staying high and dry.

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