Day 4 – After Dark

During the last full moon I took a bunch of shots at night. It’s not really something I do very often. But I read an article on it and wanted to try. We were out at Wildwood so I knew there would be no city lights to get in the way. Now, I posted a few of the photos I took right afterwards and then the next day or so I got the June list and saw that this would fit perfectly in the category. Instead of reposting some of those, I’ll pick one out of the bunch that I haven’t posted yet. I can hardly wait until the next full moon. Perhaps I will have to have my sister come up to Wildwood and practice our night shots together. DO YOU HEAR THAT, SISTER????


My favorite part of this is the way the pink clouds reflect in the lake!

One thing the article that I read said was to not worry about actually getting pictures of the moon. It said that the moon puts off so much light that you should try to capture the landscapes as seen in the moonlight. Given the right circumstances and settings, supposedly (and I haven’t been able to manage this yet) you can get the photo to look like a daytime photo WITH STARS!! I want a picture that looks like the stars are shining in the day!! That is my goal the next time we have a full moon. (Fingers crossed for a clear night).


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