Day 15 – From Above!

This photo instills in me a great deal of respect for the power of nature. During the historic floods of 1993 I flew home to my parents house. I was living in Michigan at the time and came home to help with the sandbagging and other fun activities that goes along with devastating floods. One of my younger brothers was listening to conversations as we discussed the dangers of a flood swollen Mississippi River and he let us all know that HE could swim across the river at this stage. Um. Yeh. OK. He has since changed his tune because he’s older and wiser.

This picture is of the flood swollen Missouri River, taken from the walking bridge that goes across the river. I shot directly downward trying to capture the turbulence of the water. Nothing does justice to the hair that stands up on my neck as I look down on the water and think about what it would do to an unfortunate soul who might fall in. I have a healthy respect for this river and its mighty power.



This is part of the album that I posted a link to from Day 2 (a moment) but I think you’ll forgive me for duplicating it.


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