Day 17 – Inspirational

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I am obsessed with a couple of different things (photography related): pictures of my animals (any animal), pictures of sunrises/sets, and the full moon – holy obsession with the moon!!!!

There is something about a beautiful sunset that inspires me to grab my camera and run towards it. When you add a sunset in with a “mostly moon” and you have me in hog heaven. As Mark and I were taking our walk the other night I didn’t know which way to turn. To my right was the sun setting with it’s beautiful orange clouds hovering just above the horizon. To my left were some clouds hovering in the sky that looked like they could rain at any moment, yet tinted in pink. Pink? When the sunset itself was clearly orange? Absurd!

The rain-type clouds won out because the moon was within the shot!

20130719_201306A no-brainer, really.



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