Day 18 – Number

Bear with me a moment here while I explain this photo. Or should I say this collage?

Remember that one of my obsessions is animals? There are these two little deer that seem to think my lot off the grid is a fantastic place to hang out. We saw them a month ago and took a ton of pictures. When I pulled down our street on Saturday morning, there lying in the middle of the driveway was the little male. Like he owned the place! Curled up underneath the camper was the little doe.

I put a number of pictures into a photo collage (see what I did there?). Can you tell the difference between the photos taken a month ago and the ones taken this past weekend? I’ll give you a hint…only four of the pics in this collage were from a month ago. They’re both way too skinny and it makes me think I need to put food out for them, but I’m hesitant to interfere with nature’s process. 😦



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