Day 12 – Macro

Well, isn’t this fitting? I recently purchased a macro tube. I thought I was buying a new lens and couldn’t figure out why it was so doggoned cheap. Then it came in the mail and I figured out why. There is no glass in it. What it does is connect to your camera where the lens normally connects, then you connect the lens onto the end of the tube. The tube itself comes apart, allowing for a 7mm or 14mm focal length. It was pretty darned cool. Thank goodness my sister was here when it arrived because I’d have NEVER figured out how to hook the thing up. Who sends equipment without accompanying instructions????

So, without further ado….a few macro pictures. Wheeee!

From the side (ish).

From the side (ish).

From the top.

From the top.

Completely different bud.

Completely different bud.


4 thoughts on “Day 12 – Macro

  1. Actually, I believe it took both brains working in tandem to figure out that little gem! I couldn’t have done it alone, either. But, I’ll tell you what…I’m getting one of my own. That thing was AWESOME!!!

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