Day 22 – A Room

Apologies for being lazy! I’ve hardly pulled my camera out at all over the past couple of weeks so I’m going old school and looking through my photo albums for pics. I am having a serious bout of “lack of creativity” at the moment! Next month I’ll be in Hawaii with a brand new grand daughter so I’m hoping that sparks my creativity and photobugness. Of course, that also means that probably every picture for the October challenge will be nothing but grand daughter. Ah well.

So…A Room. This is my TV room. It was taken when I had just finished redoing a bedroom into a TV room. It’s been a few years and I’ve added an end table and lamp to the room and I’ve added a WHOLE LOTTA CLUTTER to the room. But it’s still a comfy/cozy place to hang out and I love the deep colors.



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