Day 25 – Culture

When I think of “culture” I think of the theater, opera, five thousand utensils next to four hundred plates on a table setting, fur stoles, evening gowns. The list goes on. However, there are more types of culture than a formal culture.

I bring to you “Redneck Culture.”


We came upon this during our ride yesterday. This is the pit to beat all pits and undoubtedly there is going to be a moron that thinks his bike is big enough and bad enough to make it through. And yet, they never do. So, yeh. We came around the corner and stumbled upon this culture of stupidity.


I have no clue how long they’d been at it but it was clear they were exhausted! The guy on the left was finally able to get out of the pit but he had to go backwards to do it. The guy on the right had to be pulled out. I got video of the whole thing and will debate a little before I post it. I need to review it and see how colorful my language was as Mark and I discussed the idiocy of the whole thing. I should say, Mark doesn’t share the same opinions on the level of stupidity. Probably not surprising.


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