Day 24 – Space

While I was in Hawaii there happened to be a full moon. Normally this means that I’m out shooting every night, but that didn’t happen this past week. Too many baby snuggles to capture so the full moon, the ocean, the sunsets, the sunrises (which were spectacular) took a back seat.

One afternoon Melissa and I took a walk down to the beach. With her C-section, she couldn’t walk very far or very fast but she managed to get down to the beach with me. We thought we might make it down there every night but it didn’t turn out that way. It was our only walk to the beach. But it was an amazing walk.

I had hoped that I’d be able to capture the sun setting or the moon rising over the beach, but my bearings were so far out of whack on that island, and our one and only trip to the beach I realized that the sun did not set over the beach. What the hell! Isn’t the ocean to the west?? Not in this case. The sun set over the mountains, which was the opposite direction to the beach. And the moon didn’t rise over the ocean. It set in that direction, but not directly over the ocean, but over the mountains. We were on the Northeast side of the island, which really threw my whole sense of direction (which is normally stellar) completely out of whack!

So…most of my pictures during the week were of the baby (no complaints) but I did manage to capture this shot of “space.”



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