Day 28 – 10 O’Clock

Time zone changes are a weird thing. There’s the time on my camera. And there’s the time on my computer. And there’s the time on my phone. Well, the time on my phone is always at LOCAL time. BUT, when I load them on the computer, the computer somehow transposes the time to HOMETOWN time! So, even though this picture was technically taken at 5(ish) in Hawaii, it was actually 10(ish) where I live. So, for all intents and purposes, this is my 10 O’Clock photo. You can deal with the actual time discrepancies the best way you see fit.

IMG_4309I wanted to share this picture, but I couldn’t find anything in my “subjects” that it coincided with. When I was scrolling through the time stamps I went “AHA!”

I have never been more windblown in my life than the week (or so) that I spent in Hawaii. The wind NeverStoppedBlowing! The palm tree is indicative of the way my hair looked for the duration of my stay. I don’t think it’ll ever be the same.



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