Day 3 – You Today

Now, let’s not go getting our knickers in a wad because I’m posting day 3 before I post day 2. I just happen to have my day 3 photo on my computer at work and my day 2 photo is still sitting in my camera at home in the TV room.


This is me today:

20131003_075431This is not bad, considering that this was me last night:


One too many hits to the head with a snake. Er, uh, I mean sternum. Dove head first into a team mate’s sternum because she called for help then decided to go for it as I went to “help” her. Straight shot. My head. Her chest. Neck crunching in like an aluminum can. (youtube the sound that makes….shudder) Brought a whole new meaning to the term “pulling your head out of your…”



3 thoughts on “Day 3 – You Today

  1. Ouch! You shouldn’t do that, ya know. I have some empathy now. Ever since I was rearended a little less than a year ago, it doesn’t take much to tweak my neck. *sigh* curse you aging body!!

    • When I had that accident when Michelle was a baby I could just put my bra on and knock my neck out of whack. It’s been pretty peachy for about 10 years. Yup…took over 12 years for my neck to be normal again after that accident! I’m hoping that this injury doesn’t throw me back into it constantly stiffening up.

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