Day 4 – In Motion

I live on a very busy street! Most of the time I don’t notice the noise when I’m in the house. When I’m on my back patio I never hear the noise. About the only time I hear the sounds of traffic are during the spring and fall when my windows are open and I’m in bed trying to go to sleep. Occasionally, a semi truck will drive by that is a little loud. But, for the most part, I’m not bothered by traffic noise.

During the school year I am bothered by traffic. Down the street from me are three schools: a middle school, an elementary school, and a special learning center. The morning time rush to get kids dropped off creates havoc for me. There is about a ten minute window where I can easily get out of my driveway. If I leave ten minutes too soon, or ten minutes too late, I’m forced to sit for a painfully long time for a break in traffic. This is irritating.

Here is a normal site. I’m standing in my garage looking out at the street in front of me.

IMG_4638They fly by so quickly. I’m pretty sure the 40mph speed is rarely kept.




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