Day 7 – What You Saw Today

Mark’s been snowed in up yonder in the frozen north(ish) west. He had a business trip to Keystone, South Dakota and for anyone who doesn’t live under a rock, you know that a huge blizzard went through Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. The average snowfall for the Rapid City area in October is 1.25 inches. Yeh. They got 39. So…the event that Mark went to shoot was cancelled. He spent five days away from home, three of which were stranded in a hotel that had no power.

So he’s home now. Rolled in around 6:00am. Climbed into bed next to me and wrapped around my warm body. SHEET SHOCK!! He was like an ice berg. Anyway… he called me this afternoon to say that he was leaving work and going home to watch the Cardinal game. I asked him what he wanted for dinner. I almost asked where he’d hidden the pod when he said, “I don’t care, so long as there are vegetables!!!” Five days. Nary a vegetable in sight.

So I fixed him this:



Grilled pork loin steaks. Steamed broccoli. Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. And (in my opinion) the best thing in the world….garlic mashed potatoes! He’s a lucky man!


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