Day 16 – Leafy

OK. So not necessarily leafy, but it’s a plant. And I like it! And it’s my challenge, so there ya go.



4 thoughts on “Day 16 – Leafy

    • Thanks. I like having focal points not always right in the center of the photo. I think it adds a level of interest to an otherwise (possibly) boring photo.

  1. Oh you girls kill me. I’m just trying to survive taking pictures at all that fit (or finding pics on my computer that fit). You people have focal points, filters, and whatever else. 4 more months girls. 4 months and I can pull my big camera out and actually learn how to use it! Actually, I don’t have class for the rest of this week so maybe I’ll finally take some good “real” camera pictures this week!

    • You see, “we girls” happen to be in this lovely stage of life called the Empty Nest. It means that after work we can pretty much do what we want! 🙂 Once you get your big girl camera out to play with, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been attached to your hip all this time.

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