2013 November 20 – Communication

Two or three nights a week Melissa rings me up on Google Hangout and we get to chat face to face. I am able to see Mara and Mara gets to hear my voice and I don’t feel quite as sad about having my grandbabies living so far away. When we were chatting the other day she was holding Mara up to the computer and as I was talking to her she began to smile. I was giddy seeing her react to my voice! I had Melissa hold her up so I could get a better view of her and then I activated the camera function in the Hangout options. I started snapping a few pictures trying to catch her smiling. I never did. It’s like she knew I was trying to get a smiling picture and wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. Babies are jerks that way.

I’m grateful for our modern day communication options! I’m not sure how my mom handled being a long distance grandma in the days before cell phones, email, texting, video chat. I think about not being able to at least see my grandkids for as long as she had to go between visits and it makes my chest all tighten up. God bless Google Hangout!  😉



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