2013 November 30 – Done

On February 5, 2003 this beauty was born.

new year 089

It’s difficult to find the words to express what this dog has meant to me. I know that not everyone gets the whole “dogs are part of the family and not just a pet” thing like I do, but she was really a part of our family. Many dogs in my little town are sociable because of her. A lot of gophers didn’t make it into my garden because of her. Tippy is alive because of her.

You hear stories about a dog’s sixth sense about things, and twice I saw that with Ellie. The thing she looked forward to the most were out walks. If I would so much as jangle her collar and leash she would prance at the front door, barely able to contain herself. On one such walk it was after dark and we headed out on our normal path. We had not even made it to the halfway point when she suddenly stopped and turned towards home. It was so much out of her character because we were “on a walk!!” I pulled at her leash and said, “C’mon, Ellie.” She took two steps, trying to obey my orders, but then pulled at her leash and turned towards home. Because she had never acted like that before, I took her “at her word” (so to speak) and we turned to go home. And she wasted no time getting me away from where we were. To this day, I don’t know why. All I know is that there was a reason, and Ellie knew what it was. I learned to “listen” to her when we were out and about. Twice in her life she refused to continue on with a walk in the same manner.

I always knew that I was safe when she was with me. On our way home from a walk one day we passed a very angry doberman. His owner had pulled him up off the path as we approached. Ellie watched him with a leery eye as we passed. Out of the blue, both Ellie and Jake whipped around behind me, placing their bodies between me and the dog, who had lunged forward, knocking his owner off his feet. And he was heading straight for me, dragging his owner (who was desperately hanging onto the leash behind him). My dogs didn’t try to run at the dog. They just held their ground right in front of me. Within feet of my dogs, the man was able to get his dobie stopped. I had no time to react and my mind was going a thousand miles a minute, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew that I was safe.

Whether out on a walk or home alone, I always knew that as long as Ellie was there that I would be OK. And now she’s gone. No matter what other dogs may come and go in my life (because there will always be a dog), nobody will ever be able to replace Ellie in my heart.

Pyr Elise (Ellie) – 02/05/2003 – 11/25/2013



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