2014 – March 7 – High As A Kite

One of my favorite stops was Belize. This is really out of the ordinary because in the past, Belize has been a necessary evil in the cruise route. Everything you do there is a minimum one hour bus ride or boat ride away from the main port. It always felt like a waste of a day to spend most of it traveling to get to a fun location.

This trip we decided to go to the Mayan ruins. That meant TWO hours on a bus each way! FOUR house on a bus during the day. The ruins were very cool. Totally worth it. The tour was worth it. The companionship was worth it.

One eensy, weensy problem. The ruins are, well…just that. Ruins. There are no hand rails on the stairs. Just a straight off drop down the side of the formation. Heights don’t bother me. They happen to bother Mark. A LOT!



He hugged the wall very tightly all the way down. But it didn’t stop him from going up to see the the view from the top. He said that if he was going to spend four hours on a bus he sure as hell was going to see the view from the top!


It was a long way down, but the view was awesome!



Three pyramids. we were on the tallest of the three. See how tiny the people look on the grass at the bottom.

The rest of the group the went with us was awesome!



Am I breaking the rules by posting more than one picture a day? My blog, my rules, right?


2 thoughts on “2014 – March 7 – High As A Kite

    • He is a trouper. I’d like to say that he sucked it up and did it for me, but truth be told…it was only so he could hang out with Brett all day. 😀

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