2014 – March 11 – Oh, Man

One morning Rose and I got up early to head out to the beach before we went to board the ship. We wanted to capture the sunrise. As I walked along the beach I noticed all these packing bubbles strewn about. I couldn’t figure out how in the world packing bubbles got onto the beach. It was the strangest thing.

Then a wave hit one of the bubbles.

And it began to move. The bubble, not the wave. Well, the wave was moving, but… you know what I mean.

Anywho…I got looking closer at this weird little packing bubble and it was moving in this other-wordly type way. Not like a worm. Not like a slug. Kind of like a…. jellyfish. I hollered at Rose Ann to come check it out and we were both intrigued. She finally goes, “I think that’s a Man O’ War. Well, how could that be? I didn’t think they inhabited these waters. So I googled it. Sure enough. It was a Portugese Man O’ War Jellyfish. One of the most painful of all jellyfish stings. Right there. In the sand. At our feet. Logic would deem that we take our bare feet and leave the area. The camera dictated that we stay a little longer. Guess what won?

IMG_9231 IMG_9227


The white bubbly part of it won’t hurt you. But the purply part at the base will cause terrible pain. If you’ve got the stomach for it, google “Portugese Man O’ War Jellyfish” and look at the images. There are some fun pictures of people who have been stung.

As we were taking pictures, the waves would rush in and go back out, as waves are wont to do. We were standing there chatting about the oddity of seeing so many of these jellyfish along the beach when a wave rushed over our feet. We looked down and saw right next to Rose Ann’s foot a small little jellyfish that had been uncovered by the wave. We looked at each other and Rose said, “Um, maybe it’s time to go.” We laughed and left.

Wouldn’t that have been a bite in the butt (or feet) to get stung just as we were embarking on a week long cruise?


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