2014 – April 20 – Have A Seat

At the lake where I workout are a bunch of benches. I’ve been walking this lake for years and never really noticed the benches until a couple years ago after having a couple of surgeries. As I was working to be more mobile I would go to the lake and walk from bench to bench. It was embarrassing how often I had to park my carcass, but I was so grateful to have a place to rest. More often than not, as I was resting on the bench I was cursing the fact that I couldn’t walk more than 100 feet or so without becoming exhausted. I run 10Ks now. The bench is my reminder that everyone has challenges to overcome and that looking at someone from the outside gives us zero indication of what their struggles are. The bench is my reminder to not judge because I needed that bench more times than I would care to admit.



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