2014 – April 25 – Merry Christmas?

It would seem that my baby girl is preparing to marry a bit of a smart alec. Taking that trait, and pairing it up with my husband, usually means that someone is going to be shaking their head and going, “Boys are dumb.” Some days it’s Michelle saying that. Some days it’s me saying it.

So….it turns out that inside an old shed that was left on our lot when we first bought it there were these hideous lights. Mark kept teasing me that he was going to hang these lights around the campfire area. After all, we could totally use some lighting in that area. No. No. No. I had a certain vision of what I want my campfire area to look like.

One weekend Cory and Michelle headed up and we spent a day riding and playing. Cory helps Mark out a lot. He helps put the dump bucket on the Sportsman at the beginning of winter. He helps take the dump bucket off once Spring hits. He helps clean the bikes. He helps…well, with pretty much anything that Mark wants or needs help with. The boys were puttering around as they do when we aren’t actually out riding. It wasn’t long before I noticed that Cory was wearing a Cheshire Cat grin. I knew something was up, but didn’t know exactly what kind of mischief the boys had concocted.

When it was time to eat I headed behind the camper to the firepit area and there, strung along the trees…..


The most hideous lights ever. Green. Yellow. Orange. Pink. Truthfully, I think the pink used to be red, but they’re so old and faded that they look pink. They’re really quite ugly.

Hello, 1960. How you doin’?

And now they’ve grown on me. They’re pretty well fitting for our place off the grid (read: redneck central). So there they stay. Ugly Christmas lights. Brightening up the firepit area. Whee.


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