2014 – May 5 – Confession Time

What? Two confessions in two days? Ridiculous.

I don’t think I like shooting in macro.

There. I said it! It’s tedious. I tried out my magnified lens attachments today and I liked it better than the macro tube. There’s a nature center where I like to go shoot so I swap out lenses a lot between my 50mm prime, my stock lens, and my telephoto. You never know what you’re going to see and you never know what lens you’ll need, so I always carry my bag and swap out as needed. The magnified lens is much easier because it attaches and detaches without any fuss. For example, when I went to the nature center for these photos, instead of taking my bag I just grabbed my extra lens that had the magnified attachment on it. I just carried it in my hand instead of wearing my bag. When I wanted to switch out lenses I could. If I’d have had the macro tube on my telephoto, I’d have had to detach the whole thing in order to screw the cover onto the base of the lens. OR, I’d have had to leave the base unprotected (not an option). So..the tube is just inconvenient unless I’m sitting at home shooting things (like M&Ms). :/

Anyway, the redbud trees are just about done blooming but I ran across a couple of them with the buds still in tact. So that’s what you get to see.


There’s a little distortion and I’m not sure exactly why. Low light environment. Unsteady hands. Curvature of the attachment. It’s anybody’s guess.


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