2014 – May 12 – Picture This

In focus!


This is one of those “kick me” moments that I know we’ve all had!

There was a huge storm brewing Saturday night and I headed down to the lake where there are wide open spaces. The storm was well to the west and north of me that I didn’t feel like I was putting myself into jeopardy at all, so I set up my tripod and began to attempt a lightning shot. There were so many good blasts of lightning and I’d get super excited when I absolutely without a doubt KNEW that it was within my frame. And yet every time they came out blurry. Being dark out, it’s really hard to get good focus on the camera. I adjusted and adjusted and adjusted my focus. Put it on manual. Put it on auto. Tried everything to get it into good focus. Nothing worked!

The wind started kicking up and the lightning strikes were getting closer, so I packed everything up and headed back to camp…thoroughly disappointed with my outing. Why do I suck so badly!!! This was the mantra in my head. What went wrong? Why can I not do this? What am I missing? I’ve caught lightning before. I know how to do it. Why was this time so difficult?

I woke up at three in the morning with the answer blaring in my head!!


This! My 14mm magnified lens was still screwed onto the top of my normal lens. After all, it’s Macro May! What did I learn from this experience?

Lightning doesn’t photograph well in Macro!



2 thoughts on “2014 – May 12 – Picture This

    • What I was getting was lots of blurred, distorted lightning bolts. It was quite the storm. We’re supposed to get more lightning storms tonight so I may go find a safe place to try and shoot.

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