2014 – June 12 – Steppin’ Out

First off – token self portrait in keeping with the theme of this month.


Whomp whomp!

Now…. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we!? My sister and one of my friends posted on facebook about this month’s full moon. It’s at its lowest trajectory of the year so supposedly (I didn’t see any indication of it) it was going to have a reddish tint since we’d be seeing it kind of through Earth’s atmosphere. It wasn’t red. I didn’t care.

I was whining all day long because it’s been rainy and overcast and I was going to miss my moon rise, dammit! Close to sunset the clouds cleared away so I grabbed my camera and dashed to the Capitol Building. It’s my favorite place to shoot. You can all go DUH because I know you’ve seen enough pics of it.

Tonight I took some shots of the cathedral that’s across the street from the Capitol. I love cathedrals almost as much as I love sunrise/sunsets and moonrise/moonsets.

So…shall we just get to it? Or do you want me to ramble some more?





I feel HAPPY!


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