Slacker Is As Slacker Does

So… I’ve been slacking a little bit around here. Shocking, I’m sure! But, you know. A wedding happened. Do you know that weddings are exhausting? Well, they are! Proof:


See how tired we are? This was at the rehearsal. There were a lot of late nights prior to this point in time. LOTS!

A couple of them involved cake. LOTS of cake. I had a momentary meltdown when I started doing calculations of how many slices the wedding cake would provide. It was not anywhere near the number of folks that had RSVPd, so I unwisely decided that we needed a groom’s cake after all. So I threw one together. Really. It was a thrown together mess. Tasty, tasty mess! And then there was the wedding cake. NOT a mess. It was so, so beautiful!!


I have a very talented sister!

And of course, there was the rehearsal itself. It was fun. There was food. Laughter. Lots of people!


I was so irritated that my ex couldn’t be bothered to arrive in time for the rehearsal. Ann’s fiance stepped in to let her practice and I couldn’t help but wish that it could be him walking her down the aisle instead of her dad. I have some pretty deep seeded bitterness towards her dad, which I won’t get into in this venue. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed the bridal march at the rehearsal better than at the real wedding. BOO.

She was a beautiful, beautiful bride!!! I am so happy for her!


We’ll see what July holds in regards to pictures! I haven’t decided (or even thought about) a theme yet.


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