2014 – July 9 – Alive

Last weekend we were hanging out at our place off the grid and having a fabulous time. Mara got to take a ride in the big four wheeler with Grandpa. We hung out with amazing friends. We played games. We drank (probably a little too much). We laughed! We saw our dear friend (who lost her husband recently) and held her tight. We noticed his absence way too deeply. But our lives all continued on even though the sting of that loss was so deeply felt. It was good to all be together again. It was her first trip off the grid since his passing.

Part of the weekend, as typically happens over a holiday weekend, was a horseshoe tournament. But, as Mark says, “Horseshoes are for babies!” His game of choice? Lawn darts! Nothing dangerous about that.

IMG_4117 IMG_4119I had to promise to show the picture of the dart in the ring if I wanted to post a picture of my charming husband. He goes, “Do you have the proof that I made that shot!?”  He’s a character.

It’s great to be alive!



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