2014 – August 6 – Grateful For…

Here me out before you go thinking I’m nuts.

For the past month or so, Jake has been getting me up about 5am to go pee. I will admit to whining a little bit about that. The other day I shut my bedroom door so that I could sleep. When I got up in the morning there was a pooh pile in the middle of the living room floor. Soft, squooshy pooh, no less! The extra hour of sleep that I got was NOT worth having to clean that up. So I went back to leaving my door open at night.

This morning he woke me up at 4am.

GEEZ, Dog!

I tried to ignore him, but he kept pacing the hallway, stopping at my bedroom door, pacing some more, stopping at my bedroom. I finally got up to let him out. He went out, peed and pooped, then came back in. As I turned to walk back to my bedroom I stepped in a nice, warm pile of doggie pooh! Runny, diarrhea-y doggie pooh!

Well, let me just tell you that 4am is not a fun time to step into a pile of shit. Barefoot. When you’re half asleep!

So, today I am grateful for….


A LARGE, fenced in, safe backyard where I can leave Jake during the day when he’s not feeling well so that I don’t have to come home to piles of diarrhea in my house. Ugh!


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