2014 – September Or Bust

So, August was pretty much a bust. I have just been really unmotivated in the photography world. I’ve been pretty busy and the camera tends to get pushed aside when life gets insane. That happens, right?

As I’ve been doing some Spring Cleaning (yes, I know it’s not Spring), one of my projects has been to clear out closets and declutter. In my TV room I have a desktop computer that NEVER gets used. However, it has a ton of pictures on it from when I was using the desktop exclusively. Before I can even think about getting rid of the computer, there are a ton of pictures that were loaded on that computer over a few years that I haven’t even looked at for years. I spent awhile transferring them all over to my laptop and have some thoughts. Are you sitting down?

Don’t worry. You don’t need to sit down. It’s not that exciting.

September is going to be Throw Back. A month of reminiscing. Do you think you can handle it? A trip down memory lane. For me, not you, but that’s OK. It’s my blog. ;>)

As an example:

2008_North-Carolina 077

We visited my sister in North Carolina and went to the US White Water Training Center to do a little white water rafting and some rock climbing and some hiking. My brother in law didn’t do the white water thing, but instead hung out on the path around the white water course with his stalker lens. I happened to catch sight of him as we were going down one of the rapids and had to wave. He gave me a lot of crap for not releasing the top of the oar to wave. What can I say? I’m a rule follower. And the rules clearly state that you should keep both hands on the oar at all times so that nobody gets hurt.

That was a FUN trip! There will be other pictures from this trip throughout the month.

August was a wash. September is coming up! New month. New motivation.


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