2014 – September 4 – Sunrise On The Pacific

If you ever think about going on a cruise, go to the Caribbean. I did one tour on the Pacific and did not care for it. It was cold. It was turbulent. If it weren’t for the fact that the group of people I was travelling with, and the fantastic ports of call, I would have wanted to get my money back. Truly, I didn’t care for cruising on the Pacific. Note to self: If you want to go to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, or Mazatlan, just take a plane and do an all inclusive instead of cruising there.

Anywho…now that I’ve told you how much I hated cruising the Pacific, let me tell you the biggest positive (aside from the companionship). The time zone difference. I was awake with the sun and managed to get some really lovely sunrise pictures.I was on the top deck every morning before 6am with my camera.

day 2 sunrise06

Day two of the cruise, I awoke to this. ^^

day 3 sunrise12

Day three it was this.

I really can’t argue with that.


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