2014 – September 10 – Hold Still

During one of my cruises (Michelle’s senior trip) we headed out to the desert in Cabo and harnessed up for an adventure. Zip lining, rappelling, traversing the canyon via multiple methods. This was one of them.



Michelle was ahead of me. Mark was behind me. And I’m way more agile than either of them. As they were crossing with a “step the first foot, slide the second foot to meet up, repeat” I was crossing with a “step, cross the back foot over, repeat – cross, cross, cross.” Basically, I was walking across the cable. Michelle hollers at me, “MOM, you’re rocking the bridge!!” And because I’m a nice mom, I rocked back and forth to really get the cable going. Mark goes, “CRISTY, not funny!”

Party poopers! Everyone made it across. Nobody got hurt. Shut up!


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