2014 – September 16 – A Simple Hill

More rock climbing.

When we were in Cabo we decided that a zip lining tour was in order. I searched through all the available options and found one that included rock climbing, canyon traversing on something other than a zip line, rappelling, AND zip lining. I’d say that is a winner!

Now, my best friend in the world is amazing. I love her so much. That being said, she is not athletic. Not even a little bit. Her ex-husband (who was one of the hugest jerk-faces I’ve ever met) used to give her so much crap about her body. She was rail thin. For him. But it wasn’t good enough. He would tell her, “But you can’t even walk up a simple hill without about dying and running out of breath.” Over the years, this became a running joke with us. She’d go, “But I can’t even walk up a simple hill.” Or I’d say to her, “Too bad you can’t walk up a simple hill.” Sarcasm. It’s how we dealt with our unhappy marriages in the early years, or “my past life” as I like to call it.

She has an adventurous spirit. She wants to try new things. She wants to have fun. She wants to laugh. She wants to to be exhilarated. She wants to feel adrenaline. But, keep in mind, she can’t walk up a simple hill. When we went on this trip together and I showed her the excursion that I was going to do she jumped all over it! Dive in head first. That’s her indomitable spirit. That’s how she survived two breast cancers, an emergency hysterectomy, a son with mental health issues, and a son with a rare physical health issue. Head first. Guns blazing. Remarkable HUMOR! So she signed up for the excursion.


This was me on the rock wall. Next to the rock wall was a set of ladder type rungs secured to the face of the canyon for those who didn’t feel like they could make the climb up the rock. Up I go. Boop, boop, boop. To the top.


Here Michelle goes. Boop, boop, boop. To the top.

And then there was CareBear. Up a few paces. Slip. Swing. Bash your knees into the rock wall. Try again. A couple steps up. Bash. Crash. Fall. Thank God for safety harness. I was at the top waiting. Waiting. Waiting. As the rest of our group came up to the top (mostly by way of the ladder because they’re wimps) I asked where CareBear was. Turns out they had to have rescue people come in. She had way overheated. She wasn’t doing well. They had to cart her out of the canyon to the end of the course where we would all meet up with her.

When we met up again more than an hour later I hugged her and made sure she was OK. Then I got the story of her struggles on the wall. She was giggling as she told me of her experience and how she felt so bad for really holding up the line behind her. All those people waiting to go up the wall. She laughed as she hugged me and said, “I was watching you and Michelle go up the wall and it looked so easy.” I guffawed loudly! “But, CareBear. You can’t even walk up a simple hill.”


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