2014 – September 18 – Ooh Rah

After Melissa graduated from High School she tried a few different things. You know…trying to find her nitch in the world. When she first told me that she was joining the Marine Corps I have to say that I was a little stunned. I had heard that boot camp was grueling. She made it through those first eight weeks and came out of it a changed person. I was pretty proud that she did it.

April's Photos 079


Jackie had just returned from her mission shortly before Melissa’s graduation from boot camp. Melissa was excited to see me, but she was triply excited to see Jackie. It had been a couple of years since they had seen each other.

April's Photos 078

It was very moving to see these two women who are so drastically different from each other melt into each others arms. I love my girls!


Being on the Marine base was an interesting experience for me. I really enjoyed the whole ritual of the graduation, the order of the base, and seeing all these young people all set to serve their country. For me, it was a very patriotic experience.

April's Photos 090


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