2014 – September 23 – Doin’ What I Do

One of my favorite things (and I think the girls’ favorite thing) is to do photo shoots. It gives me a lot of practice learning new things about my camera. It gives me pictures of the girls. It’s just fun. We’re all a bunch of hams, so why not?

During this particular shoot I got to join in with my girls. My oldest and my youngest.



This little lake is one of my favorite places to go and take pictures.  This was back in the day before I even knew that a remote control was a possibility for my camera. I would set up the shot, then press the shutter button and run like the wind to get into the shot. Michelle would tease me and go, “You need to scoot back a little. No…a little more. Ooh, just a little bit more.” It was her goal in life to have a picture of my backside running towards the designated spot. I would like to just say….that NEVER happened! Plan thwarted! Boo-yah!


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