2014 – September 26 – Where Do I Begin?

In honor of my daughter’s wedding day, my throw back pics today are going to be wedding related.

Years ago when the oldest brother got married (to the most amazing woman in the world, might I add), we had a spectacular amount of fun!

We grew up in a musical family. I remember as a kid watching Mom and Dad get all dolled up to go to big ballroom galas. Mom would spin around in her ball gown and we kids would watch her dress twirl with her motion. She always looked so beautiful. It was not uncommon in our house to put music on and everyone dance with each other. Dad would teach us ballroom steps and twirl us around. Brothers and sisters, parents and children all dancing together. Happy in the music and camaraderie. Those times were some of my fondest memories of my childhood.

So, back to my brother’s wedding. The music was playing. The siblings and grandkids were dancing. Mom and Dad were watching their clan enjoying one another’s company. And then Dennis set up a challenge. A dance off. With Dad. I should probably say here that every one of my siblings compares my dad’s dancing style to that of Bill Cosby. We laugh and laugh as we watch Dad in his older years doing his unique style of dance. Where do I even begin to explain how my sides hurt from the laughter watching this duo? I will guarantee that this is one of those “had to be there” moments, but I know that any of my family who sees these pictures will (at a minimum) give a hearty giggle. For me, I’ve had tears in my eyes looking at these pictures. For a LOT of different reasons.





This makes my heart sing. I love my family.



2 thoughts on “2014 – September 26 – Where Do I Begin?

  1. I can’t find the love button! Did nobody learn from Facebook? šŸ™‚ I loved this moment!!! It was so spontaneous, and when they each started “copying” each other it turned ridiculously funny!! I’m sure everyone there (that didn’t know the family) thought an incredible amount of alcohol was involved!!

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