2014 – September 27 – Doing It All

In the course of a six hour long excursion, I found many ways to cross over a canyon. Cable bridge. Tarzan bridge. And we can’t forget flying! Get ready to soar, people.

Me first.


Getting ready to push off.

Then Michelle.


I think this was probably Michelle’s favorite part of the trip. Flying across the canyon. Over and over and over! At the end of the trip, the guides gave us two options. Take a zip to the end. A LONG zip. Or rappel down a 100 foot cliff, cross the canyon floor at the bottom, climb up the rocks at the other side, and meet with the zippers at the end of a short hike through the desert brush.

Me and Tony chose to rappel. The losers *ahem* I mean…the rest of our group of friends chose to zip.




If I had it all to do over again, I would still choose the rappel. This was a very fun excursion.


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