2014 – September 29 – Due Diligence

I would feel remiss if I went for this whole “throwback” month without sharing this story with you.

Years ago we used to have a membership at a local lake facility. Lost Valley Lake. It was fun and a great place to take the kids. It was certainly no “place off the grid” like we’ve got now, but for what we needed when the kids lived at home, it was perfect.

My younger brother and his family had come to town so we decided to grab all the local family members and head down to lost valley to enjoy a day in the water and sun. When we got there, we came across this:

Picture 187

When I first saw it I said, “Oh, it looks like someone’s having a shower or something.” Boy howdy, was I ever wrong. If you look at the closely at the two people in camo and white t-shirts, you’ll need to know that they are the bride and groom. Yessirreebob! It’s a WEDDING, folks!

Here’s how it went down:

We weren’t about to be deterred. At Lost Valley you can rent out the pavilion, but you can’t rent out the beach and lake area, so there was nothing saying that we couldn’t go to the beach and enjoy the spectacle.

We got all settled into the water and watched the show. We noticed a john boat coming across the lake and it was headed right towards the beach area. When the boat got closer we saw that the groom was in there with another man. The boat pulled right up to the beach, just on the other side of the rope that says “Do not swim beyond this point.” The groom stood up in the john boat. The other man stood up next to him. The groom grab a fishing pole, attached a ring to the end of the line, then cast the line toward the crowd at the pavilion. The bride picked up the ring. And the groom REELED HER IN! I kid you not! He Reeled. Her. In!! She stepped into the boat with the groom and the other man, who was the preacher, as it turns out. They had the whole ceremony right there. In a john boat. On the banks of the lake. With a whole slew of gawkers in the beach area watching in stunned surprise. It was fantastic!

My sister in law kept saying “Is this for real? Is this for real?” Yes, my dear. It was totally for real. She video taped the whole thing because she knew that nobody would believe her when she returned home to New York City!

To top off the story, my daughter’s good friend worked at the McDonalds that was about 1/2 hour from the lake, and later that night the whole wedding party came into McDonalds for dinner! Who goes to McDonalds for a wedding dinner?

For that matter, who gets married in a john boat?


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