2014 – September 30 – Last Story

One last story to tell. I hope you’ve at least enjoyed this throwback month a little bit. I know that reminiscing has been very much fun for me!

So you remember that we took Michelle on a cruise for her graduation present? Yeh. We did. And it was a hoot. Fabulous company. CareBear and her now ex-husband, Tony and Barb, Mark and me, Michelle, and Eliza. I could not have asked for better travel companions. We had such a great time. Even though the time on the ship was not ideal, this group helped to make the best of it and I ended up making friends for life with some people that I previously only knew by name because of CareBear’s stories.

One of our stops was Puerto Vallarta and out of all the stops, this was the only one that Michelle really had a strong opinion on what type of excursion to do. The other locations she was all, “I don’t care. Whatever you want to do is fine.” She really didn’t know what to expect out of the on-shore activities and was more than happy to leave it up to me. But Puerto Vallarta. It was different. As we were flipping through the excursions she saw this:

day 5 pv12

And she knew she had to do it. She loves pirates. All things pirates. She is my child that never asks for anything, so when she got so excited about this I wasn’t about to not do it. The whole group of people we traveled with decided to join us on this excursion. And we had a blast. I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of the week for Michelle. I mean, really folks. Look at that smile!

day 5 pv18michelle and parrot

The little pirate boys LOVED Michelle! Who could blame them, though.

Cruising 091

When we went ashore we were stepping off the long boat and Michelle reached the exit point and one of the little pirate boys lifted her up and carried her over the edge, through the water, and placed her safely onto the beach. Then it was my turn to get off the long boat. Do you think that anyone picked me up and carried me to the beach? Oh, hell no! I had to disembark ON MY OWN! What the hell, little pirate boy. What the ever lovin’ hell!

The beach was fun. Sand volleyball. Snorkeling. Arm wrestling contests. Food. Booze. Anything one could possibly want from a shore excursion.

But, I digress. The show!!! The show on the pirate ship? Oh my goodness, the show!

When we first boarded, we were directed to the belly of the ship where they had a major breakfast feast set up. Eggs. Bacon. Toast. Muffins. Donuts. Fresh fruit. Coffee. Water. Juice. Milk. Chocolate milk. It was a spread to fit a king. Or a princess. A pirate princess.

After breakfast we headed up to the top deck and wandered around taking pictures, visiting, watching the ocean. I SAW A WHALE!!!! But that’s not what this story is about. After ample time to site see and mingle with the pirates, we were ushered into the main part of the ship where there were benches for the guests. We all took our seats. Well, all of us except Michelle. One of the little pirate boys had stopped by to flirt/chat. I’m not really sure what one would call it. He asked Michelle if she was 18. When she said she was, he took her by the hand and dragged her off. The look on Mark’s face when this pirate absconded with his baby was priceless. Fortunately for the pirate, the booze on the excursion were all included so the over protective daddy didn’t beat the stuffing out of the pirate. 😉

As it turns out, they chose Michelle to be a part of the show. Not only did I take a ton of pictures, but I bought the video! The basic gyst of the show was that some rogue pirates were going to take over the ship and boot the captain off. There were sword fights. There was mutiny. There was drama. There was comedy. And there was Michelle. The newly crowned pirate princess. Spanking the bad pirate for causing such a commotion. We were roaring with laughter.

day 5 pv320

I’m pretty certain that Michelle will never forget this trip.

After the show and a few hours on the beach we got back on the ship to be ushered below deck once again for another feast. Traditional Mexican food. Beans. Rice. Chicken. Cerveza. Rum punch. Seriously a great time! It was a happy day. Many great memories created. Many friendships made. Many old friendships solidified.

Ahhhh. I love reminiscing.


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