2014 – November 2 – Jake


I know it’s weird to be thankful for a dog, but I can’t even begin to express the amount of joy this animal had brought into my life.

Technically, he’s Mark’s dog. The big joke when we were putting Mark’s name on the AKC registration papers was that it was Mark’s insurance that I would never leave him.

Years ago when I got all four wisdom teeth pulled at once, I was lying on my couch, face wrapped in ice packs, and wishing for death. Jake was about four or five months old so he was pretty large. He climbed onto the couch and sprawled out on top of me, laid his head on my chest, and whimpered. He just knew that something was wrong with me.

He is the gentlest soul I have ever come in contact with. He is truly one if the lights of my life.


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