2014 – November 14 – My Rambunctious Baby

If there is anything that says “LOOK AT ME” it would be Melissa when she enters a room. She is the antithesis of shy, quiet, demure. She is quick with a joke, a sarcastic comment, an inappropriate analogy. She makes me LAUGH! She was my trial as a teenager and young adult. She is my joy as a new mother.

The other day I was at the salon getting my hair cut and my stylist said, “Melissa came to see me when she was in town. I guess you already knew that.” I acknowledged that I did know that. She said, “She just lights up whatever room she walks into.” That’s a very common statement I hear in regards to Melissa.

When she was in high school we had major issues with her. She pulled one stupid stunt after another after another. There was no getting through to her. Every time she would do something stupid I would go a different route with the discipline trying desperately to find that one thing that was going to finally sink in.

One morning as Mark and I were driving to work after one of our many fiascos with her he said, “Why do you even hold onto hope?” All I could say was, “If I give up on her, who will have hope for her?” So I clung tightly to any ounce of hope for her that I could muster. And I plowed forward.

I learned from her that no matter how dark the day may be, no matter how painful the task becomes, if I maintain hope and continue to work hard, that there is nothing that I can’t do.

After many fights, many tears, MANY grey hairs she has become this:

What a transformation my rambunctious child has made in her life!! So beautiful.

What a transformation my rambunctious child has made in her life!! So beautiful.


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