2014 – November 16 – Engagements

Yesterday was a VERY happy day off the grid. My son asked his girlfriend of six years to be his wife. I’ve stolen their picture off facebook, because the one that I took got photo-bombed by an overly enthusiastic dad and sister.


Matt asked his dad which ring he was supposed to give to her or if he was supposed to give both to her. They had a little discussion about it and finally decided that it was the little ring that he was supposed to give. Matt had the ring stashed in the truck so that his girlfriend didn’t run across it. I pulled out the box to take a look and asked Mark which ring he told Matt to give her. He points…”This one.”

“WRONG. That’s the wedding ring.”

So when we caught up with Matt at our place off the grid I pulled him aside and told him that his dad didn’t know squat and it was the ring with the three diamonds that he was supposed to give her.



Once we got the vehicles unloaded Matt and Janel went for a ride. When they got back nobody said a word. I kept looking at her finger. Nothing! Michelle and Cory showed up. Still no sign of a proposal. We got the call that Ann and her husband were about 20 minutes out and Matt and Janel went on another ride. I was getting things ready for dinner and waiting on the last of the kids to arrive. We were all sitting in the camper when the crazy “riding in the freaking cold” kids got back to our lot. Janel comes in and goes, “Man, these gloves aren’t worth a crap.” She pulled the gloves off to hand to me. Oblivious me said that yeh, it wasn’t her best choice and she should have taken the leather gloves. As I’m insanely rambling about her not-so-wise choice in gloves I noticed the ring. I may or may not have squealed like a four year old. I wrapped my arms around her and she began crying. She said, “I’m so happy!”

And I am so happy! From the moment I met her I loved her like one of my own daughters. Since that day she has been a member of my family. I can hardly wait to celebrate their day with them.

Engagements are fun!

Engaged – November 15, 2014.

Wedding – To be determined!



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