2014 – November 22 – Strength

OK, this is going to sound weird, but I’m grateful for my body.

I whine about it a LOT. I have struggled with weight. I have struggled with some failures that my body has thrown at me. But through everything, I’m amazed at how much my body can do.

It has been through four pregnancies and deliveries.

It has been through many sports related injuries and healed up pretty good (for the most part).

It has been through a pelvic floor prolapse.

It has been through a botched surgery to fix said prolapse.

It has been through long periods of struggle trying to recover from two separate surgeries.

It has gained weight.

It has lost weight.

After all that, I’m amazed at the strength of my body. Its ability to heal. Its ability to rebuild after failure.

I have spent the last three years building up strength again after my final surgery. I can run. I can lift. I can squat. I can play. And, after three long years, I have dropped a pants size. Geez!

My body is strong. It is slow. But it is strong.



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