2014 – November 24 – My BFF

When you hear the word “soul mate” your mind automatically jumps to your SO. And I believe that’s correct to a degree. I believe that your SO should be your soulmate. But I don’t believe that you can only have one soulmate. I have two. I consider, 100%, my best friend to be my soul mate. She is one person who knows everything about me, good and bad, sad and silly, lame and otherwise and still is there for me. Still believes in me. Still loves me. We were talking on the phone the other night and she said, “Do you realize that it is going on 28 years that we have been together?” TWENTY EIGHT YEARS!!!!!!! Aside from my family, that is the longest personal relationship I have ever had. There have been some ups and downs. But not like in normal relationships where the “downs” normally consist of fighting and not getting along. In our BFF relationship the downs include yucky divorces, breast cancer, sadness at our childrens’ issues. The downs can actually be considered “ups” because we were there to help each other through the low points in our parallel lives.

She has survived two breast cancers, two years apart (more than 10 years cancer free now…WHOOT), as well as a multitude of other health scares, but has come through it with her wild, over the top sense of humor in tact. I truly believe that her sense of humor is what saved her life during her cancer treatments. No matter what, we can always find something to laugh about. She is an incredible woman and I feel blessed to call her my best friend.

Oldies but goodies!

Oldies but goodies!


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