2014 – November 25 – My Pretty Girl

One year ago today I had to say goodbye to my Ellie.

When I got word that the litter had arrived, Mark and I drove to St. Louis to meet the breeder and choose a puppy. There were fourteen fluffy balls of fur and I thought the choice would be difficult. I crawled into the big box where the puppies were and knelt down to watch them. A couple puppies were in the corner playing with each other. Some were sleeping. One was sniffing around me. She rolled over onto her back and stretched just like Brandy used to do. I said, “Mark, look. She’s Brandy reincarnated.” We chuckled a bit and continued watching the pups. The little mini-Brandy continued sniffing around me and eventually crawled up on my lap. All the puppies ignored me except this sweet little thing. She picked me and I know that she would be the one to come home with me.

Ellie and momma

She stole my heart and I couldn’t wait to bring her home.

Over the years she became my protector, my companion, my clown. She was so funny. And beautiful. Oh my goodness, was she ever beautiful. She was the dog that socialized puppies and kids. Showed them how to properly act around other dogs. Tolerant and fierce all rolled up into one fuzzbundle.

I’m grateful for the almost eleven years that I had with her. I miss her every day. There will truly never be another dog like her.


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