2014 – November 28 – My State

I’ve mentioned that I love where I live. My city. My country. One last thing to add to where I live is my state.  It’s beautiful. The Spring blossoms. The Fall colors. The Winter snow. The Summer heat. I love it all! It’s one of the most beautiful states. I love being able to go into the city, and when I say “city” I mean St. Louis. From the Botanical Gardens, to the Zoo, to the Arch, to the downtown architecture, to the Brewery, to Grant’s Farm, (and I could go on and on and on) there are so many things to see and do.

The city isn’t the only thing that holds fascination for me. A few hours southwest, I can visit Branson and all the crafts and music and good ol’ redneck fun. A couple hours due south I can hit Meramec Caverns and float the river, visit Jesse Jame’s hideout cave, go camping. An hour to the west and I can hang out at the state fairgrounds for concerts, animals, and an inordinate amount of people watching. A couple hours to the west and you’ll find the best barbecue in the world. Caves, rivers, cities, food. My state has it all. I love living where I do.



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