Visit To The Vet

I have a sick kitty so I’ve spent some time at the vet. He’s a farmer/vet and reminds me so much of what I think James Herriott would be if he were an American farmer instead of a Highland Scotsman. He runs his vet clinic out of his farm house and takes care of the animals from all the surrounding farms, plus a nice small animal set up. His wife does boarding and grooming. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for all my critters’ needs.

He’s got this cute little pond on his property with a sand volleyball court located next to it.


Sunset one night when I arrived to pick up some meds for Jake and drop off an x-ray for Bandit. This was the view when I went in.

And here was the view when I was getting back into my truck to head home.


Maybe 10 minutes between the first and second picture.

Then two days later everything changed.


Rainy and dreary.

I’m pretty sure I could live out in that area and be perfectly happy.

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