2015 – January 5 – Just A Lone Stump

OK, so I kept thinking of this tree that sits at the bench along the river where I ride my bike. It’s kind of a cool, dead tree just hanging out along the edges of the Mighty MO, and whenever I ride the trail, this is where I stop to take a break.

In this tree I have seen my share of squirrels, hawks, eagles, and ordinary birds. I could sit for hours on the bench and just watch the things that happen around an old dead stump.

Seeing as how it’s barely in the teens, riding my bike is not an option. Or at least…not a healthy option. So I began the search process to find a picture (because I knew I had one) of this tree. Turns out, I have a TON of pictures of this silly tree. I have issues, truly.



As far as workouts go, this isn’t a bad place to do it.


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