Portrait Photography

More than anything, I probably shoot portraits the most. I have VERY photogenic children and there’s nothing I love more than getting them together for a photo-shoot. To add something new to my love of a good photo-shoot, a friend of mine has asked me to do her son’s senior pictures. Color me a little bit nervous and apprehensive! It’s one thing to mess up a photo-shoot with my kids because I can always try again. But if I mess up a photo-shoot with a kid who is uncomfortable behind the camera to begin with, I will feel horrible! Why is it that insecurities creep in at the most inopportune times?

This page is dedicated to portraits. Completely separate from the monthly photo a day thing that occupies the main page. I’m not real comfortable with the way “pages” work in WordPress, so it’ll for sure be a work in progress.

For starters, how about my very favorite picture of my girls:

girls 042They’re a little goofy. But I love this picture! I’ve considered framing it, but sadly, when my computer crashed last year I was unable to retrieve any of the original photo files, so all I have left is what was on my Picasa album. This means that the compression isn’t good enough to print off into a larger picture. I have since taken measures to make sure I never lose another photo file again!

Here are a few more of the kids and then I’m going to try something different.

Note: To get to other pages, hover over the “Portrait Photography” link.


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